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Backhaus, Essays on Social Security and Taxation. Gustav von Schmoller and Adolp

Backhaus, Jürgen G. (Ed.): Essays on Social Security and Taxation. Gustav von Schmoller and Adolph Wagner Reconsidered. Marburg, Metropolis, 1997. 656 S., gr.okt., Ln., OU. min. berieben

» Jürgen G. Backhaus: The Future of Social Security and Taxation. 1. Background. Winfried Schmähl: Avoiding Poverty in Old Age by an Obligatory Contribution-Financed Minimum Insurance. Leopold Krug’s „Poor Man’s Insurance of 1810 in the Light of Present Day Discussion. Peter R. B. Senn: Problems of the Determination of the Influence of Schmoller and Wagner on American Fiscal Policy and Taxation Systems. Rolf Rieß: Worker Security and the Prussian Bureaucracy. A Meeting in the Prussian Ministery of Commerce. 2. Theory. Manfred Pirsching: The Preserving and Reforming State. Schmoller’s and Wagner’s Model of the State. Manfred Pirsching: Schmoller’s Theory of Social Policy. Karl-Heinz Schmidt: Schmoller’s Contribution to the Theory of the Welfare State. Charles H. Powers and Karl-Heinz Schmidt: Justice, Social Welfare, and the State in the Eyes of Gustav Schmoller. Jürgen G. Backhaus: The Tax State; From Schmoller and Wagner to Schumpeter. Reginald Hansen: The Pure Historical Theory of Taxation. Wolfgang Drechsler: State Socialism and Political Philosophy. Birger P. Priddat: Adolf Wagner’s Legal Theory of Distribution. Antonio M. Silveira: Senior, Wagner and Schmoller; Indetermination and Social Policy Conclusions. 3. Applications. Peter R. B. Senn: An American and Historical Perspective on Applications of the Ideas of Schmoller and Wagner. Benito Arrunada: Internal Market in the Reform of the Spanish NHS. A Comment on the Planers’ Latest Fantasy. Ursula M. Backhaus: Historical Approaches to the Health Economics. Clemens Zimmermann: From „Public Housing“ to Public Health; Concepts of Intervention. Aggie Paulus: Is a Negative Income Tax a Substitute for Social Security? Harold R. C. Wright: Adolph Wagner and the Plural Society. Johannes Hanel: Statistical Regularities, Freedom, and Social Policy. Wagner and Schmoller on Freedom under the Statistical Law of Large Numbers. Or; Why Moral Statistics Precede Their Association for Social Reform. Frans Pennings: Is Schmoller’s View on the Principles of Social Security Still Relevant in Present Debates on the Future of Social Security. Manfred Pirsching: The Austrian Partnership Solution. Theory-bades od Muddling-through? Wil Albeda: The Future of Social Security and Taxation; What Have We Learned? Name Index. Subject Index. «

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